For your linguistic or technical stay, to whom will you entrust your child?

A small French family with a 17-year-old child, at the piano conservatory for 9 years, a great lover of sport and nature, who speaks English, Spanish and Chinese, A mother in charge of human resources who later became a nurse, passionate about cooking and by nature, a father who spent 20 years in the management of large international groups, in information systems security, software development and then management functions.

We have traveled a lot, From Brazil to China, from Cuba to Oslo, from Moscow to New York, from Dublin to Rome and here we speak, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and a little Chinese.

For 10 years, we have decided to change our way of life, to be closer to nature and to the human race, to share our experience, learn and understand this fantastic mode that surrounds us and makes us discover every day rays of ever bluer sun and seas, with ever more rewarding encounters

For this, we turned to a thematic guest house, with two large swimming pools, facing the mountain and the Canigou, very close to the Mediterranean Sea, with one foot in the city on the courtyard side and one foot in nature, Garden side.

Because we have taught, we believe that total immersion in a family who will share their daily life with you, either in playful mode or in intensive learning mode, will be the best way to learn our language and come back with a real background and unforgettable memories