COVID: integral refund without condition in case of national confinement.

Cancellations of your reservatiob for your language stay in our Domain

Strict 60 days: 50% refund up to 60 days before arrival.

• The very strict cancellation policies apply in special cases of force majeure (death, accident led to an inability on the reserved period, problems related to Homeland Security.)
• This includes cleaning fee, the breakfast fees, lunch, dinner, massage, SPA, are repayable under the same conditions.
• When a claim of either party, the domain "LaviaRegia" must be informed within 24 hours of entering the premises.
• A reservation is officially canceled when the traveler receives a confirmation by email (, and we receive the receipt of the email.
• The period of 60 days before arrival does not include the day of arrival.
• 59 days before your arrival date, no rebate will be made.

Note :

Why we apply  "strict repayment conditions ?

Unlike some companies we do not practice over-booking. For this reason, when you book, we ignore other claims made to us during the same period. Most bookings are made eight months in advance, a cancellation 60 days before, we do not allow, in most cases, to re-let for the same period.